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Happy Bday

Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:07 am by David

happy bday chazz

Merger Comes to a close :D

Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:58 pm by Deadeye13456

Knghts of Aragon and Klingon Empire have just put together a merge and I would like you to welcome our new members (9) they are very experianced and strong for they will be adding 169k to our alliance and please welcome our new Roya lord aswell (HRH MacSwane).

This was the Deal; we will stay Maroon, Klingon Empire will be joining our AA and and we gave HRH MacSwane the Royal Lord position and thats it.

We should be around 450k+ after this is done and over with, also around 60 members.
So please give HRH MacSwane and Klingon Empire a worm welcome to there knew home.

Also for those comeing from Klingon Empire feel free to introduce yourself to us and tell us a little about yourself. Thank you and Welcome.

Movin forward and fast with KoA w00t w00t.

A round on me.


Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:47 am by Cool3atool

Political Karaoke


For a long time now NOVA and KoA have had drinks, barked on about
nothing and enjoyed partays together outside of the political
concentration of CN. Today, they come together in the following treaty
to formalize these partays and turn them into what we call a Political

Article i. 'In the Air Tonight'; NOVA and KoA agree to
always show the utmost respect to each other and take the piss out of
all karaoke singers no matter how good they are.

Article ii.
'Can You Feel the Love Tonight'; NOVA and KoA will never harm each
other through any means, be that political, armed etc. Tranquilizers
and band-aids are too be kept within the room at all times in the case
that any Karaoke battles turn ugly.

Article iii. 'Bail Me Out';
If at any point that either signatory is to come under attack then it
is encouraged (but not obligatory) of the other signatory to come to
their aid by any, if not all means, including screamo Karaoke.

iv. 'Good Times Gone'; If at any point either signatory wishes to end
the Karaoke Partay, a 48 hour notification period must be given in
which article i. and ii. must be upheld.

Signed for NOVA:
Lord: HM4A1
Chief of Internal Affairs: The Warrior 78
Chief of External Affairs: Mousey
Chief of Military: Marquis Chris 1
Chief of Recruitment: Gabba202
Chief of Trade: Saaam
Chief of Finance: Hazardousdoc

Elder Councilors:

Signed for KoA:

Elder Councils:
Ryan R

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