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    Post by ludo99 on Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:53 am

    These are the rules to be followed by every PoW of the alliance:
    1. Decommission all Tanks, Aircraft, Cruise Missiles, Nuclear Weapons, Spies, Military Wonders and Improvements.
    2. Do NOT communicate with other alliances apart from the KoA.
    3. Change your AA to Knights of Aragon PoW
    4. Participate in aid programs, if you are asked to.
    5. You must remain in DEFCON 5.
    6. You may NOT tech raid or send aid to members of other alliances.

    You will follow these rules or be punished at the discretion of the Emperors or the Elder Council. All PoW's are protected by the KoA and their allies.

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