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    KoA Code of Conduct Empty KoA Code of Conduct

    Post by ludo99 on Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:30 am

    This code of conduct is to be followed at all times, without exception.
    1. Flaming/Abusing other members and allies is not permitted within the alliance.
    2. Asshattery of any sort is not permitted as long as you are in KoA.
    3. Only members of the KoA who have passed the
    KoA Training Academy will be allowed to tech raid. Members may not raid
    red nations, nuclear capable nations, or nations in alliances. All
    raids must be approved by a Triumvirate Member or The Royal Lord. No
    member may send aid to members of other alliances without the consent
    of a Triumvirate Member or The Royal Lord. All nations who break this
    rule will be forced to pay reps and may be kicked out of the KoA.
    You will not attack any nation in any alliance unless you are given
    special permission by a Triumvirate Member or The Royal Lord.
    Posts are modified at the discretion of the Lords and Triumvirate
    Members without argument. Posts are only modified or removed when
    deemed offensive or against the rules of the KoA.
    6. Posting alliance information in public areas is strictly forbidden, and spying on other alliances is not permitted.
    7. Ignoring or disobeying your superiors is not permitted and is severely punishable.
    If you do not abide by these rules then you WILL be punished at the discretion of the Triumvirate and Royal Lord.

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    Cool3atool, Emperor
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