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    Post by Cool3atool on Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:50 pm

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    In the interest of friendship, protection, and guidance
    Valhalla and Knights of Aragon (KoA) agree to the following
    protectorate agreement.

    Article I: Sovereignty
    Valhalla and KoA recognize each other as sovereign and separate alliances.

    Article II: Peace and Respect
    and KoA will coexist in a state of peace. Neither alliance will attack
    the other militarily or verbally. Both alliances will remain respectful
    towards each other at all times and any differences will be handled via
    private discussion.

    Article III: Protection and Defense
    attack on KoA will be considered an attack on Valhalla, and will be met
    with all available strength in defense. If the attack is found to be
    provoked by KoA through political faux-pas, insults, flaming, trolling,
    spying or just general asshattery etc, Valhalla although still
    reserving the right to defend KoA is under no obligation to. Should
    Valhalla find itself engaged in war, KoA has the right, but not the
    obligation, to assist in any way possible, including but not limited to
    financial and military support.

    Article IV: Aggression and Treaty Signing
    agrees to alert Valhalla if they have decided to go on the offensive
    towards another alliance at least 48 hours before doing so. KoA will
    never declare war on another alliance without first discussing it with
    Valhalla leadership. KoA will discuss and get permission from Valhalla
    before signing any treaty with another alliance, any failure to do so
    can be used as ground to terminate this protectorate.

    Article V: Cancellation
    Both parties agree to give each other 48 hour notice before canceling this treaty, during which all articles will be upheld.
    Any acts of asshattery can result in this treaty to be canceled immediately upon notification.

    Article VI: Timeline
    ratification by their respective alliance's legislative process this
    treaty is enacted for a period of thirty (30) days, at which time it
    shall be subject to renewal or possible upgrade, or until it is
    terminated by either signatory. Should either party decide it is not in
    their interests to retain this treaty, it may at any time by canceled
    as per Article V and VI. Violations of this agreement are grounds for
    dissolution of this agreement without prior notice.

    Signed on behalf of the KoA :

    Signed For on Behalf of Valhalla Government:
    Regent: Chefjoe
    Vice Regent: Toga
    Marshal: Kryievla
    Security Consul: Levistus
    Chancellor: The Pansy
    Emissary: Sky Green Chick

    Valid till the 22nd November 2008

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