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    In the interest of friendship,
    protection, and guidance The Templar Knights and the Knights of Aragon,
    agree to the following protectorate agreement.

    I. Sovereignty:

    Templar Knights and the Knights of Aragon recognize each other as
    sovereign and separate alliances. With that being said however, each
    alliance will be required to provide a permanent representative to the
    other's respective forums to ensure a constant line of communications
    is upheld and maintained.

    II. Peace and Respect:

    Templar Knights and the Knights of Aragon will coexist in a state of
    peace. Neither alliance will not attack the other militarily or verbally.
    Both alliances will remain respectful towards each other at all times
    and any differences will be handled via private discussion.

    III. Protection and Defense:

    attack on the Knights of Aragon will be considered an attack on the
    Templar Knights. The Templar Knights will attempt to resolve such
    issue on the behalf of the Knights of Aragon through diplomatic means
    before force is ever used. The Knights of Aragon will come to the
    defense of the Templar Knights if and when the need for mutual defense
    is ever requested by the Templar Knights.

    IV. Aid and Progress:

    Templar Knights will aid the Knights of Aragon, when able, to help them
    grow as an alliance. The Templar Knights will assist in the quest for
    the success and growth of the Knights of Aragon and will offer all the
    assistance and guidance that it can provide whenever possible.

    V. Aggression and Treaty Signing:

    Knights of Aragon agrees to alert the Templar Knights if they have
    decided to go on the offensive towards another alliance 48 hours prior
    to doing so. The Knights of Aragon will never declare war on another
    alliance without first discussing it with the Templar Knights
    leadership specifically the Grand Master of the Templar Knights. The
    Knights of Aragon will also contact the Templar Knights before signing
    any treaties with other alliances and will discuss such decisions with
    them to ensure no conflict of interests will arise.

    VI. Senate Voting:

    of Aragon agrees to aid The Templar Knights in holding a seat in the
    Maroon senate by voting in support of the candidate of our choosing.

    VII. Merging and Disbandment:

    the sad event that the Knights of Aragon decides it can no longer
    function as an alliance, the Knights of Aragon agrees to contact the
    Templar Knights government before such actions occur. If possible
    disbandment is an option, the Knights of Aragon agrees to contact the
    Templar Knights within 24 hours to discuss other options. The Templar
    Knights agree to do everything they can to help the Knights of Aragon
    avoid such a fate. If at any time the Knights of Aragon merge into
    another alliance and take on a new name, this treaty becomes null and
    void upon the disbandment of the Knights of Aragon.

    VIII. Cancellation and Possible Upgrade:

    parties agree to give each other 48 hour notice before canceling this
    treaty. Should the Knights of Aragon feel they have outgrown the need
    for protection and assistance from the Templar Knights, the parties
    will discuss a possible signing of a more appropriate treaty.

    Signed for The Templar Knights:
    KoA - TTK Protectorate Ttksealum7
    Regent of Omerta
    Wiccan High Priest
    Commander Thrawn

    Signed for Knights of Aragon:
    KoA - TTK Protectorate Koaseal

    Elder Councils:


    KoA - TTK Protectorate Why-So-Serious
    KoA - TTK Protectorate Buzz

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